Our Chocolates

The full range of Medita Chocolates have been carefully designed by three Michelin star trained pastry chef Catherine Hill. To ensure we continue to create high quality chocolates we have established partnerships with award-winning local producers. Medita proudly sources artisan chocolate from Zokoko, who source high quality cacao from all over the world including wild grown cacao from Tranquilidad, Bolivia. Zokoko support farmers with direct trade and produce bean-to-bar chocolate with exquisite taste. 

All flavours in our handmade chocolates come from natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives. As our chocolates are made with all fresh ingredients, we recommend consuming them within a few days of purchase.

Our chocolates are free from gluten, soy, refined cane sugar and dairy. Using only the best plant-based ingredients creates very pure and bold flavours in our chocolates as they are not masked by any cream or excess sweetness. We recommend savouring them slowly and enjoying every bite!